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Listen: "Who is the national tribal helped reach director for Bernie Sanders"

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Justin Sullivan
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Also I noticed to be Nicole Willis who is the national tribal helped reach director for Bernie Sanders cited very disappointing anyone with a true understanding the fundamental issues facing tribal community someday would never use that phrase in that context really I mean I guess I understand we live in it this day in age where everybody is offended about everything but in that particular this particular concept that that phrase used by Hillary Clinton has been used for decades in decades and again it's Houston the political contacts with You know where you are you or your breaking with your party for your group it also means to engage in disruptive activity outside of normal bounce if that's the interpretation Hillary Clinton is his many things and maybe there's some good and there's a lot that are bad but I don't think she's playing racism towards native Americans but yet again we live in this society where you know everybody is upset about everything now Honda should I have been critical of Hillary Clinton for using that phrase knowing that I have use that phrase from time to time it's just she didn't mean anything he didn't mean anything by a that she was not trying to offend people and I believe honestly if there's a lot of issues that affect the American Indian the Native American communities to a question about and maybe some people would be better better off dealing with some of the real issues that face Native American since society today than worrying about that particular phrase some when I use a lot to like I don't use go off a reservation very much but if I do use go native you know which is the same that to me that's the same kind of conflict that's why would typically say you know somebody is somebody is kind of gone native him further somebody out there to be offended by that old my goodness gracious.