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Listen: "To beat the denver broncos by twenty three points was that necessary in the fourth quarter" POE TOUCHDOWN DENVER

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Jamie Squire
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Play a lot of people are going to look at and say you know was that really necessary to run a trick play to beat the denver broncos by twenty three points was that necessary in the fourth quarter and i wanna look at the plane say what it's really cool the don cherry paul was a tough job to very tough job play and interior the defensive line you get a lot of bumps and bruises you don't have huge sack tallies because you're primary job is to hold it down against the run and you're not playing a glamorous position you're not a celebrity if you're done thirty paul like football nerds know who he is they're member from that combine i believe he's made a pro bowl so he's known as a good player but he's not nearly the most famous player in the kansas city chiefs team so he's not a celebrity he's got a tough job well warren him for all of his hard work by letting him have a little bit of fun and now every team the plays the chiefs pass to prepare for that play and it's just and annoying little wrinkle that you have to have a the back your mind because you don't want to you don't want to lose a significant touchdown or two point conversion because i three hundred fifty pound nose tackle through over the top of your defense you don't want that to happen to you and besides i've always rejected the notion that just because you have a lead met you should stop competing and maybe that's just my tracking fuel background where like if you stop competing it's actually concern more disrespectful to the competitor that actually going out there in busting your ass for the duration of the race like i think it's funny like rubber when you same both for stormed onto the scene in two thousand eight everybody thought he was showboating for easing up over the last twenty metres of the hundred right in just put his arms out and counting his chest that's the equivalent of running the football and that's people would've dribbling up the shot clock in taken terrible shot right you are easing up yet in tracking fields concert showboating.