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Listen: "She's not calling for breaking up the banks, in fact she's saying the opposite"

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And everybody gets there money than any all the normal rational stations will apply in my opinion I would so I'm guessing that they will be released assumes Bernie's out of the way we disagree but on that because the banks preference and and against the bank so for crop in there and anytime a start with proper after she's been name nominee and they're so much on rainouts and that's all about the banked it's all about consolidate is not one of them ranks in the system is not running as the bank she's not calling for breaking the banks infectious and the opposition send we don't need glass stayed away don't need to break up the banks we just need to more carefully regularly so that you know thats why i think it's in in in in general I I you know we'll see on the night you may well be right Grandy to say I also am concerned that you know Donald Trump was part of the team you know he's ability is he's a New York billionaire there's no way then he doesn't have you know drinking buddies only doesn't drinking isn't a Flanagan's one Banks tres who have access to the speeches Randy thanks to call.