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Listen: "The Broncos offense wasn't awesome at any point last year"

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Justin K. Aller
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They're not going to let a Jamie caring go especially when he's cheap even his rookie contract he's cheap alright so Niners Browns and Jets who are quote on both miles apart with Ryan Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick wants to get paid maybe not many contract still remaining for him a journeyman sure he loves New York but as we've seen he's hello he's well on the go he helped chipped a spark and a double figure when flash dare he think he should get the kind of money that play an off while they should get in and that's interesting debate it off while or can command fifteen million why not to trade that's good Spectrum and you're thinking about from that perspective but after he is period he's got more time under center he's coming off his best career year osweiler started getting games and while he has more than upside may be I mean the Broncos word when he was out there and play said Manning the Broncos opened with an authentic eighty point last year they won twenty-five straight opened the drives with no touchdowns one Osweiler was under center and as you now he got pulled in the final week of the season for Peyton after the team it turned the ball over five times in just over half of football so that's a good question Did you know we did this show Paul that is is with us tonight along with either Swede raw the last tonight producer tall make a should all week how about that which quarterback would you pay the most our D three Brock Osweiler Ryan Fitzpatrick we get to throw someone else in there I think another que be out there that can bail vote if Daniel you could log up list of free agent que made interview Watt and throw another one out there there's really not much available so Jets Browns Niners and Broncos and Texans five teams but don't have a clear-cut starter right now the gap to lead the Broncos his way from future Hall of Famer and really good backup to potentially no que beef what they but the problem but that's the why with our end with quarterbacks I would take the title well course no I know you will and.