Listen: "The average person that watched a Major League Baseball national telecast this year was fifty-six years old"

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Norm Hall
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Him how great they are now Russian Sean handed he may have found great millions of dollars a success doing that I'm Radio I personally think it's always more fun and always more informative entertaining and it's going to be informative entertaining is subtle calls up and they got dissenting point of view of me and they can be SP civil Don't forget a personal insults ought to be a jerk about it then it's always going to be more I I may learn something many times callers I'll say hey you know what you've won me over the years side Ok I get you know what happens which are welcome any time especially if you're to center on this show your absolutely welcome and eight five five two one two four CBS the earlier This Week Bryce Harper was being interviewed USA today and talking about the game that he loves baseball game that pays him a fortune Weise is baseball's boring and we talked about it a few weeks ago the average person they watched and in Major League Baseball playoff a Major League Baseball national telecast this year was fifty six years old That was the average age fifty-six so this was somebody who I was in grade school when they were in high school and fifty-six was the average age that's a problem for baseball moving forward the articles that your read though and then the talk show host is baseball's Dion on the mind baseball has said attendance records I believe four times in the last ten years and baseball has said revenue records I believe two of the last three years so talk a baseball dying in and and it's being its dying on the vine and it's going away way premature but I like to Bryce Harper speaks out about his sporting says you know what the sport needs to stop worrying about the old school rules the way things have always been done the unwritten rules hit unlike this stuff and he thinks that hurts the sport it hurts the popularity and if you watch the Latin players rise to more and more prominence in the Latin American countries and they play baseball you watch some of that their tournaments are about full layer guys do like cool you know Battista in ten Terada flip a bat it's what they do and you know what the games entertaining and you'll get the Ohl studied that is little I did not do that late again and I always hear about like flipping the bat or pumping your face when you strike somebody down but that is your trip I hope I hear the point of view all the time where you're trying to show up the opponent I don't believe that's for one second I believe one Jose Bautista flips a bat when you know what's it is the young pitcher for the Marlins Fernandez that does the stuff that deftness pop twenty twenty strike shall I don't believe their showing up the opponent.