Listen: "The voice of Roger Goodell, just a month ago The State Of The Union for the NFL delivered in San Francisco"

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Kevin C. Cox
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When I start thing about my legacy opiate of our for some plays watching backwards and right now we're looking forward to looking to continue to make changes when you're playing actor sports injuries or reality and they happen in all sports are here fourteen year old twin girls I want him to play sports they have exposure to injuries they have exposure to concussions but I want them to learn how to compete because of his life lessons Beal to keep him for the rest of the Life this these after hours with Lawrence he's a little less robot of the little more human when he talks about his fourteen year old daughter's the more you can Roger Goodell from just a month ago The State Of The Union for the NFL delivered in San Francisco right before the Super Bowl and he was asked about his legacy me response with an appropriate Rocking Chair story he's got a lot more years and left something goes terribly wrong the NFL is making money Yanover Fest and that's most important how do you grade Roger Goodell first decade in office it after hours with a new Lauren Phoebe of sports radio what did you hear a bid of my conversation with Andrew Brandt the great NFL unfettered from Sri and I'm que bien of course he F.B. and which is where we became friends he joined us earlier on the show and I have ten because of the column that he wrote about Goodell first decade I asked him how will this commissioner be remembered and and how will his first decade be marked yeah me August will be tenure in a versus Roger Goodell I've called him the Connor commissioner onus since the moment came in it's something that is separated him from other Commissioner's separated him from Paul Tech would do who he is succeeded I would lose certainly didn't want to bucks Lala starts running around but it just wasn't that important to him to maintain this high Class standard an end to discipline players he even who have not even been charge for the crime that has been Goodell Tema home at something he stood for and ironically ending the major I earning as he may be remembered most we're not punishing conduct issue hard enough with the ride with the Ray Rice situation so it's been back and forth on conduct and that lead.