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Listen: "LeBron James back for the Cavaliers last night, twenty-four points, eleven assists"

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Paul Gilham
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Good morning on the injured after a four day break including one missed the game LeBron James back with the Cavaliers last night twenty-four points eleven assists in a one oh seven seven defeat of Brooklyn which pushed the Cavs to wouldn't have teams ahead of the Raptors I thought the Eastern Conference and Brandon want to make sure where they stay atop it these are seen over the last two the league in addition happens that's how to boil we were do you know on the road if they finished last night's game is passed Dominic Wilkens for twelfth on the all time scoring list the Clippers gave Chris Paul and JJ Redick and the Andrej Jordan that off in OKC and still almost beat the Thunder Jamal Crawford scored thirty to think about for every single day when they won the star News movies it was a star you don't know our to just play free he gave game but they didn't come up short one nineteen O one seventeen in the ball's beat the Rockets one of three one hundred Chicago now one game behind Indiana for eight in the East life used to dropped out of its tie with Utah and Dallas for the final two spots out West in Portland the Boston to one sixteen one on nine George Washington beat Delpo seventy-six sixty at The Garden to win the an icy the Patriots are signing veteran D Lineman Terrance Knighton in Round two of the sheld Houston open it currently suspended with lightning in the area Charley Hoffman owns a two shot lead attended are far he's minus two threw five holes before the delay Jordan's speed when early thirty this morning to get to six under overall on the injured this is that this Sunday night in rested biggest then the year Jordan may for a special vision of a tad hero eleven PM gives burn on CBS Sports Radio.