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Why Combating Alzheimer's Disease Is So Complex

Heather Snyder is Senior Director of Medical and Scientific Operations at the Alzheimer’s Association in Chicago, Illinois.

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when we think about Alzheimer's disease we actually defined by two home art brain changes in one is that build up of the bait Am lie, and the other is the build up of approaching called Pau which Aquino rights inside the brain cells and something we call tangled, we've seen at emergence of studies that I've been targeting the beta and a light but there's also knew studies there are entering into clinical trials targeting the towel protein we don't we don't absolutely know that if we target beating emulating lower, able to impact memory thinking in reasoning that still an idea that the scientific community as testing we also don't know if that's if that's gonna be the case for towel. it if you target the towel protein or you're able to impact thinking memory in reasoning for the individual, there's really two other ways that the fielders going one is looking beyond made an lighting talent and thinking about friends and the immune system thinking about the metabolism pathways of the brain, and and we've seen in the last three to four years really in emergence of clinical trials entering into phase one in faced too, really testing the safety and and the Tyler ability in the Dose said of potential, on drugs that are targeting those pathways and in the last couple years we've actually see No, a and increasing in our understanding that this is an incredibly complex disease and the likelihood that it's going to be a one drug one target, it is probably more going to be a combination of things whether it's a combination of drugs or combination of dragan lifestyle, think about heart disease it's an it's a complex disease and there's not really once you fits all that depending on where you are in the disease progression depending on the biological changes that you may have I depending on was another aspect of other ending, components of your own medical history the treatment that you're Healthcare provider might sit just to could be lifestyle it could be medication it could be a combination of medications with lifestyle, and and that's really where the field and also Mirza is moving is this idea of a potential combination how can we play. Either medication and lifestyle or are medication medication together to best combat this disease