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Story- Listen: "Well you know what i noticed that"

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Taylor Weidman
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Well you know what i noticed that in your by a oh you had spoke about being an industry that had nothing to do basically with trying and are like that and so later on he decided to to do this right what do you say to people who have that didn't like you know what i i'm getting paid very well i'm so unhappy this something i when i do that's you know different from what i'm doing now but you know the money is good but the passion isn't there what would you say does somebody who has that artistic passion but the czech is better summer health i was afraid to the fall their dreams you know the i won't even they would never i'm happy with what i was doing you know it's probably it wasn't just feeling you know you know because i knew that there was something else but i wanted to do some you know the running joke with my friend you know my first book came out like right it's two thousand ten i've been putting out rookie year fifth best but i had a running joke it started in two thousand big and i kept seeing two thousand night is going to be my year because i knew that you know what i was doing so to working mid level management was gonna for the state that you know right and then two thousand nine came in i've been frame it for three years you know and as you know i fit well i'm to put a put together you know and i needed to finish fifth before the you know ten we first the two thousand pit and so you know i i gotta printed out i was so published and the book came back you know him member you know two thousand nine but finished the early part of michael you know after that if it meant it it's the barton oval you know this fall publishers department in a place in order for the book and that point oh yeah that point i mean it was lucky you know and it took a long time to get to that point you know but if is pretty lucky for that to happen on the first try some no at that point you know i had a distributor that point and and people became aware of what i was doing and i told people jokingly you know i had to put out a book every year.