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Listen: The Patriots have done this all without a Burner only outside

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Chris Trotman
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Hit us up on the phone today five five two one two four CBS or on Twitter DA on CBS get some thoughts in on today's NFL action let's start with the barge Scott of me eating uneasy try to defend the New England Patriots but it can be done why rush will you run at the bubble be gone so what's your job is do the same D Dow and now the Linebacker Ennis 80 you're Dublin him wherever he goals when you think about what a Flat num down times that well okay you get in a wide night why not i means you're house I love you the wise guys right right if he has a vertical rado He has a vertical raw He has a good a vertical stamp but you're sitting outside so you pushed his outside shoulder you almost Make 'em trip is almost like you're but you're black you know you gonna not come down in the part there really hasn't has time to recognize wears run is because he has hit the lamb Mars so means to put some down the line maybe in front and a tackle in front at a guard He has a flat now and their stars try runners rado but at that point the timing so not even because via Miller got off the ball late he's gonna have more time League at the time because go counties not gonna be open his goal to the second level defense insiders yeah I think there's no reason they you're gonna blimps Tom Brady today and you're not gonna get there in time to rattle him if you can get there were the three-year for man rush great but you gotta drop everybody else back He got a flood the passing lanes and just make it really confusing and make a typical Because the one thing is Tom Brady doesn't have a deep threat the Patriots have done this all without a Burner only outside Edelman works everything underneath sodas amand goal a a big play guide the Broncos not he Burner down the field so viewing but they're not gonna get plays through the air more than 20 yards down field twenty-five yards down field Just make sure they underneath stuff you're flooding all of that with bodies five tamed 15 yards dead bodies in there and here something also The Broncos have or the best secondary should all be NFL so they could hold their own with receive IRS but what they're gonna get sliced up doing if they're not careful is exactly what the Chiefs got sliced up with Ronnie get to Brady and in leaving space all been in the five the 10 yard range reach get no football out that Edelman is working all although all that negative space Broncos can't do that the Broncos could not afforded do that they've gotta make sure they also get their hands up its just is important afflicting the football knocking down a batting it down the line Scrimmage as is getting the Tom Brady because you'll be able do that more but he will be able the sack Brady i would also say it's fascinating that even though the Broncos beat this Patriots team earlier in the season at Invesco even though the Patriots beat this Patriots team two years ago they if she title game up at Mile High now Sports Authority even know historically speaking in this is the one place Bell a check can't seem to solve new New England can not seen this solves goal and in Denver and winning even though that's the history everybody is only looking at last week and I think that's a bit of a mistake I am picking the Patriots so this goes against what my pick would be but I do think the people are giving the nearly enough credit to the fact that The Patriots just have it historically played well in Denver Sean Marin former All Pro pass rush or for the San Diego Chargers in the Buffalo Bills join me this week and he discussed just tell terrifying It is a lineup across from what was then they healthy Peyton Manning knowing that he knows what you wanna do.