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The Origins Of Cryotherapy: Can It Really Do All This?

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now the origins of Crow therapy are not in L.A. the nodding California it's my understanding there in Japan. Yes I understand as well, it started in the seventies in Japan, and the fellow who brought it to Los Angeles is actually a German doctor so I guess it went, from Japan to Europe and then fight to Los Angeles and now it seems like it's trickling out into the rest of the United States, what was it develop before it was at their peak health care what sort of ailments this is for you know, trying to an bone, you know aches and pains and it's there Colin of an ice bath you're just using a very very cold air and basically the people who do acquire therapy say goes beyond just Cole Compress he weighing two to all kinds of promises, that it improves everything it to reverse the aging process in the digestion hold weight loss everything that you could possibly want from a process like this it's promising that is quite a claimed to reverse the aging process now is that should claim that was made in elevate with the therapies spot U.N. two or what what what we're the, purported help benefits, you know it basically he says, that information is the source of all, problems all the elements has some inflammation component to it and this stops the inflation process he also talked about