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Listen: "One of my favorite play by play announcers in the NBA Brian Wheeler with the call on the Blazers Radio Network"

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One thing seven for another one oh one nineteen lasers one of my favorite way by Blaine ounces in the NBA Brian Wheeler was the call on the Blazers Radio Network analyst closest calls for a while give the Nets credit traveling to the birth of big Northwest about is opposite and they could be a from their own place in Burglin but man Damian Lillard he is he doesn't need to every night but he is all Rampage and carrying the trailblazers right now another thirty-four points for him and it you know that we talked about the new life into our Show on Sunday night we talked about this lillard was one of our Monday and Bibi candidate coming off of a we get in which he scored eighty one points any with averaging just shy of thirty in the month of February now he is the first player to score at least thirty eight I straight games for Portland since the early seventies impact their inaugural season in nineteen seventy nineteen seventy one and he's also the first NBA player to do so this season so let that think in for a second as amazing F. Give Curry has been and he has been as amazing is James Harden has been stretch as he has eight thirty point games this year back I pinkie and Steph Curry I read this on Tuesday are tied for the most number of thirty point games this year well beyond that let me make sure I confirmed that before you run with it when we will call that an official nerd alert but what Damian Lillard is doing scoring at least thirty in Friday's three games the first NBA player to do that so much do you just know that it's birdie yeah mop but he was enough for the All-Star Game not only did he not get voted it in maybe fan vote I can understand because Damian Lillard is playing for Team of the but the big Northwest that like it or not a lot of times will tip their games that ten o'clock or ten thirty east coast Dion and so now you get out of market but you not getting a lot of people on the East Coast or necessarily staying up and watching those games night in and night out President Obama certainly is not ease told is that before so I understand a fan vote part of it because in the market the Lillard play then but the rust did not being selected by his own members of his fraternity come on you know that's something that burning him up and he's using it as motivation if after hours with eighty Lawrence here on CBS sports radio.