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Google Trends Expert Shares Stats From Presidential Debate

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Justin Sullivan
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Thinks being with us twitter says last night's presidential debate was the most tweeted about political moment in the social media companies history donald trump the focus of sixty two percent of the conversation on twitter meanwhile or we searching for on google during the debate rejoin alive by daniel c berg google trends expert morning daniel or you guys the only guys sensing their turn debate well we actually so that there was a a reversal in terms of search interest with both those candidates so in that in this case we thought hillary clinton and about sixty percent of search interest vs donald trump lit about forty percent an over the course of the night but it was everything from people curious about different issues they weren't familiar with i mean you know people hurt like knapp or nieto work ppp the transferred to pick partnership he took under the kind to things that people turned to turn to try to understand a bit more out and and would sometimes conduct something of a certain back check i'm in real time i'm as they were second screening the debate you know if you were searching for a c pp the trend specific partnership and that was your first search of the night by the time you're done reading.