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WWII Navy Veteran Talks About His Duties On The USS Franklin Aircraft Carrier

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tell us what your do these were on the Franklin where did that put you into the low and with the coal moo warm weather gets point two hundred yes is a yes that they take the exhaust little for cycle engine and kits with whom salute will lead to play that clip too different types of builders blew the big taken store to when you guess the aircraft What is that you're done you pull that yes back don't shoot this inner yes in the law and so it was it was it was a good gets the whole thing the fire because it only takes you can point holes was you can travel with the you know and this news guess you know there was it's a player so the whole point if I understand it the whole purpose of your job on that yet. It's to prevent damage is to limit damage and not have it spread through the whole show that's a good did you think that that was going to become an issue that you have to do that to say the ship or or to prevent some damage the when do what was going to say this issue that lose to for the home before you'll have two thirds was a fiery a little blue with the new soulful Ammunition in the stuff that so moves Dixon and when she was he a little slowly got in the slowly but before to own where the who are those who was a fire yeah and maybe you can tell us that story as you understand it both from what you experience first and and what you learned over the years and they've been a lot of shift for unions with your fellow