Can You Guess What The Initiation Was During WWII For The Gun Crew On Ships Like The USS Iowa?

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so I found something very interesting today I would I be forced to a guy who served on the Missouri's on board today right he was talking to us about clean in the barrels of the sixty yeah this is Jodie was loss Kenia then was right when I brushed I'm loud like when they the comes suit he was the cotton Bob is that that tested, and now they're open I pulled into money has a was but the final days of the cleaning of the barrels that's great great yeah this lawyers eye sight of the guy I think you know I think it may be a volunteer what's on the Missouri okay might be Larry often just like a that this time is not a huge guy these days but seventy say was the skinny answer sir I think he was yanky much and it's always said he left no doubt we do know least and there were were tinker in order me one of the so This stations this word on searching for to again truce us to call for the gander oh yeah that may be easier and then those days than today is like notice when the world war two young arms are donated to was was a way I can see it in the in the us and personally enough so not filing so we were much smaller people back then yeah obviously assessing just right now most the jackets like thirty it's less thirty-eight yesterday right and very few even get up to forty to you, yeah very interesting was interesting