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'Henry Ford Actually Invented Nothing' Says Author of 'Drive'

Lawrence Goldstone is author of 'Drive!: Henry Ford, George Selden, and the Race to Invent the Auto Age'

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review, with Delvin put some gasoline on a played in it, and he's built his probative engine, but he applied for a patently eighteen seventy he was a Pat employers we put it often politely ninety-six and that set off a famous losses eventually you get Henry Ford watched him anyone, and that if if he hadn't fully last week Henry Ford would just have been an afterthought in American automobile history and he did he never patented the ideas that a hand, sold over four, seldom George solely on the field and got of, I got a You got apparent in eighteen ninety-six, and it, you didn't do anything with it, but eight eight financial, Cup fall on what it off, because they had been using electric