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Listen: "I'm not the biggest Trump fan, but he won"

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Darren McCollester
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I'm not the biggest Trump fan but he want and here's one thing I will say you know I said on Twitter as a take you know congratulations Trump on the win and that Ted Cruz classy move dropping out trying to unifying the party that's all I said and people went nuclear you're on the Trump bandwagon you idiot have you ever been a sports heavy ever competed have never been in a debate in high school college debate club I lost to people who I can't stand and I have that well you know what those other roles shake their hand congratulate them on the run it seems and if Hillary Clinton when I do not like Hillary Clinton I would not be happy but I've got to say okay alright you you one congratulations on the win where were you raise that way graduation seat on the win I help you well yeah yet is wish tighter you can wished for its Tiley Purpur you take your little dollar you stick the pains and it happen you know and by Second Team All you always did no matter who won her last two into the lineup and tap hands on the way and dramas Jarrett from the social media with elections Mike it's exhausting if people who've never entered the arena never been in a fight never been in any kind of a struggle and then I think that their opinions are as informed or mean as much as everyone else and here's The Truth everyone can have an opinion your opinion isn't necessarily is valid a some ounces and it isn't as of much value as other people in it also depends on the person me opinion to me right some Olajuwon Staal soul his opinion means a lot more to Main and not gave Jared that's ok they can both have opinions doesn't mean I trust them so drum one that's the reality he would be matters at least somewhat then does improvement from last well it's because of the sympathy right now it's how Ticket and what you look alike like Tom Hanks from Philadelphia to one sees you Ball than there's a make a wish Foundation all their member is the main man who'd stole year I start a foundation is about as you could always start of thought.