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Listen: "I don't think they're going to Final Four, if they do that'll be the biggest shock to me"

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Tom Pennington
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Miami were just does a pending a little more time talking bad about people there at the end show Rob has learned a lot we're going around us on the last couple of times in his game hear one they equipment doesn't work into we talk bad about people John dancer The as the pros question of the night brought to you by O Reilly auto parts tonight's question is from Kurt in Madison Wisconsin Kerr writes for all I hate you and what he had to say about our Badgers now you idiot well Kurt I have not been bad to say about you or are Kane a added a great shot Wisconsin moves on now they face on Notre Dame is a great way and it was a huge win I still don't believe there they're winning it I don't think they're going to Final Four if they do that'll be the biggest shock to me and the remaining teams of all the games really like they could go I guess I would say Q's I would be completely shocked if they made it to be honest with you I just don't they do that good I also I mean they Notre Dame said good so whoever wins that game is going to lose to North Carolina and if Indiana somehow leads North Carolina and then I would say Wisconsin as a shot because they know I'm sellout the mid to play dumb and they might just beat them and they might very well be Notre Dame bat I just want to say I am an idiot but I've known that for quite some time now Bobby is that to you know that I know I'm in eighteen yes the middle regular basis spate so collision Kurt case of absolutely nothing Brady eight three you know I get all these e mails and tweets in everything about people that play Blaine me or something for me because I don't pick their team or something they blame it like it's my fault that you win or something or when you when it's that you want to like Robert in my face like Mika them beautifully honestly think I care one minute about you or your basketball team like that surround on man i that guy Kirk sure got me last night with that let out a melee as well menu I got a tying battle the one I get that asked The Browns question of the night and I get slammed from some Dion Madison Wisconsin I mean that'll just clean me out for the remainder of the week from shot from just to shoveled I should have never picked against Wisconsin the reality two and to be that an overworked member they start earning until you know rewards members earn five man is fast easy and ran only a rally at about see store for details I don't get you can submit a question I go to CBS Sports Radio.