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Listen: "Because they used to do that, when football was a much more ground oriented game"

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Patrick Smith
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Him but you know we stood up and I remember all the guys who were wearing hats took the ball which was a much higher proportion either way in nineteen seventy four it is now now the only time people were a match to the game is if it's cold and they're not regular hats their just you know so caption due to not look at those are things you eat doesn't on Burrows I mean that lie to you know stocking catch show but that was it we just stood up and the guys who are and hats took the most and then we saying and then the game started Don't hand over your heart Show with in with that is a sure the second to go there's a whole bunch of stuff that used to be a ceremonial in football and and I mean even little things that what happened during the game that are gone but my kids I don't think my kids are old enough to remember when the if there was a penalty they actually walked off the yardage because they used to do that team win football was much more ground oriented game and it didn't matter is much that the clock stopped because it didn't is much So the game's runs through it she games football games now where they take three and a half hours east to two hours and forty minutes two hours forty five show you could do things like that and then after a while they should be giving up but there was a time where even with a five yard penalty they would tell you that penalty in the mix show the referee standing at the original Linus scrimmage they would turn and March also yardage and puts the ball down now it's just get that being back toward supposed to be let's get the Knicks playoff will show just all gone but it is it's funny how something was drift away like that and we never notice they just do it and they don't announce it than say we're not margin off the yardage anymore that's dumb we can all add they just do it and then we forget to mission until somebody brings up all the talk show in two thousand sixteen and of thirty years after it happened but the Eddie The other thing with adding things into everybody is going to be ten times more patriotic and that it's the same thing it doesn't change how anybody feels all the changes who is what we show the same way with Peyton Manning haven't a beer after the game if he has a beer were all OK with that but he said he's going to have a beer it's bad for children OK whatever but it's things a key people occupied you know it gives them something to do in drive themselves crazy over even though it really doesn't much mean anything So what's going to happen whether there's going to be a backlash issues right to Cam Newton was the only one who didn't if you stand out like that so that's bad it now coach at the beginning of the our that I have a story that will bring to mind chuckles the clown one of my favorite episodes of any single TB show and I wasn't a huge fan of the Mary Tyler Moore show I was kind of young and most that stuff was over my head but my parents loved it so I didn't up watching and then it got to the episode was chuckles the clock and if you don't remember it chuckles the clown was leading a parade he never saw him on camera at all they just referred to him and it was part of a new story the Ted Baxter was going to have to read on the year that chuckles was leading a parade through Minneapolis and he was grab he was dressed as a peanut and he was Tragically killed well leaving this parade when an elephant.