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Listen: "DeMarcus Ware has really become someone that the Broncos defense is rallying around"

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Christian Petersen
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And you're right now one of the best quarterbacks in the game that sure a lot of people reports finger Carson Palmer He had a horrible game but I think just in in general Peterson has a lot of look America though over the postseason about who's pretty interesting I mean I know I've written about Larry Fitzgerald ands The fact that he at 30 to become kind of a figure in a person that people are rooting for a win a Super Bowl ring No one overlooked attack the DeMarcus waiter has really become someone that the Broncos defense is rallying around he's 33 years old in his 11 season now going to its first Super Bowl of course play with the Cowboys were all those years and is just inin second season with Denver in so he's almost the Larry Fitzgerald of the Denver Broncos in Bonn Miller said afterwards playing her pain but I was also playing Virgin Marcus where who is never have this opportunity before now that there's a lot of pure were gonna hear about effort to wake sir so many in when you look at these two teams and the story line through so many home device sack they really is cool when you have different teams getting an obvious in the you know the Broncos read a couple years ago but having the Panthers and now really creates a whole bunch different story lines sunday hash tags next hour are phone number eight five five two one two four two two seven at able radio end If you need pictures police by their Facebook page lot the view weighing in their after hours with Amy Lawrence.