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Listen: "Donald Trump has racked up a lot of delegates and in a lot of states people have been very supportive"

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J Pat Carter
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It's you know it's anybody so it's anybody's ball game but at the same time Donald Trump is racked up a lot of delegates in a lot of states people have been very very supportive of him I have not I think Donald Trump would be an absolute disaster for the conservative movement in the Republican Party I think he would guarantee to Hillary click was selected president as I was saying earlier think he would probably guarantee that the Democrats with three take control the us Senate probably not The House of representatives but but we would lose with public would lose a ton the seats in The House of representatives Donald Trump would probably do worse across the country then any candidates ever because again you've got a pull relative Republicans who might like him because the reality he does horribly among independents he does horribly among in on among person's know of the person's of color he does horribly him on the win and he does horribly among Democrats I don't just don't see away a that you build an argument that in a real world that Donald Trump is going to win but he has amassed so far Rowdy of the Republican delegates so it's open phones for one four seven nine nine.