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Business News - Markets Down, Deutsche Bank News Sparks Sell-Off, AMEX Rules To Ban Retailers Offering Other Cards

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One of the news time six twenty five it is tied for business with john tomic here from bloomberg business investors fun a case of the european banking in a presidential election blows in the stock averages last about one percent the dow fell one hundred sixty seven points that has tacked forty eight the s and p nineteen germany's largess slender deutsche bank sparked a banking sell off on a german magazine report that said there will be no government money to help the bank if it needs more reserves deutsche bank denies meeting that help jamie cox of the harris financial group i think that is re introduced that you know certainty about what the economic impact is going to be with europe that you have to slow a trip just as are also keeping an eye on the tightening in the us presidential race one strategist telling bloomberg there's a fear factor in the market that a sizable with people hedging as to what will come out of the election and a federal appeals court is clearing away for american express to enforce it's rules that ben retailers that tickets cards from steering customers toward cards offered by come senators that cost less money i'm joan don under bloomberg business for kyw news radio and business always twenty five fifty five after every hour he would've been this time six twenty three top headlines fran feinstein sam simon and he'll have a new low the twenty now have major appliances and select stores and a gpp dot com slash supply of it from watching recently driers third pitch raiders in march eighth of thirty percent let's get thirty month national finance enough purchases of seven ninety nine or more to discount the jc penny credit card three delivery basic in relation on purchases over two ninety nine that's getting your bodies were jc penny such a depleted approval grizzlies vs heat with new to the horry fit and sweden's now but then we wouldn't have had many disappointing on it and we didn't start with pin chocolate chip cookie we lineup in sentiment should ever and then we did a big three i'm with that but not really.