Joe Piscopo On Illegal Immigration

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Mike Gallagher
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Hopes are high we believe in all the good people I love, Rudy Julian money as possible secretary stay to lead the John Boldin by the way on this program where I as I asked the the former you an investor I said the, or did anybody from the Trump campaign call you yet about possibly being secretary State no Joe but I'd be honored to serve where his words and you know what the couple weeks when literally a couple weeks later now the John Boldin the run so if you thinking that you want to be in the Trump in a streak, all the program you never know what's going to happen it with, you know a Frankie five barreled is going to be the best suited to subway somebody you never know what that I had a offered rafa New Jersey, up with your the it even right, eight seven seven seven twenty died buddy but we were talking about you would let me tell but get into the news has within a we want to get your we want it like you to be informed that you're going to the day then, Michael good one is kind enough to join us achieve political columnist, for the New York Post three please out Michael on a show colonel check Jacobs when an honor to have this American heroes true American hero us or me Colonel, Medal of Honor recipients Vietnam best-selling author military analyst for nbc's news kind enough to join us in. Jack's another one day I really really think five girls, as got to be in the Trump administrator luck tries, been so you know whenever he was asked repeatedly about than debates and in interviews yet, so like chart, another yes who we really, looks upon for advice and terms of the proper way to go on national security issues he always would mention Jack Jacobs jumped on and general Michael Flynn has been on the show regularly at this is what I'm feeling good I'm feeling good about this administration, and the great the one the only chest commentary the big buzz on Broadway these days is a Brock's tale the musical coming to run was and it's an previews now this I saw what I saw that the paper No, this show is spectacular and my body Joe Barbara who I love Why did grease with, that great to how they have a great chance to man couldn't you'll directed chaz wrote the book for a Brown still the musical and he's gonna tell us about a plus all the other pay the chest commentary restaurant right there, second Evans spectacular in his be vive la can everything else will be checking in with my dear friend, chaz commentary who I loved yearly it'll nine with this couple in the morning, this is on settling on when I went here with with Frank before we broken, I always like to stay I than really tuned in to certainly politics locally. The although I I you have a but this this ridiculous curiosity for that, international of news and I don't know what my problem is but I real in its insatiable on my part, but here, mayor de Blasio, is now going to destroy I d records to protect immigrants because New York is a sanctuary city, I'm not understanding so you get I d wreck used identify, the the the I just illegal immigrants Frank he's are illegal immigrants some of them are and some of them aren't in some of them are American citizens like this would include everybody that has, I mean it's a politely card including including people like main who, you know contract popular misconception I am an American citizen, but you don't have to be an American citizen to get one of the Misha ball I d cards that's part of the reason why they were Institute in the first place, so now what the Mayor's doing is talking about saying you know did Donald Trump's not going to be able to come in and get our records and see who's illegal and Deport those people now , think about you know what happens if and he legal alien is, part of crime right one and what if they, what do you want every possible record including every addressed that they would have lived that, including you know, what they used for identity a shin to get this municipal I d cor. I mean this is really, shortsighted on the part of mayor it's b_r shortsighted to me it's irresponsible and if he goes through with this, I think potentially as you said it could be criminal destroying city record yeah keep the federal government from and forcing you know in forcing the law and it it smacks of just political opportunism I mean here's a guy going into a real action next year where he needs to, very very well with the minority community in the Democratic Primary, and this to me looks like he is just placating, what he perceives to be be interested the minority community would now why do they have been a simple I d cards, well the thought was luck, there's a lot to be legal aliens, that, I live in New York City and, whoever the merits where that was doing any Bloomberg devise yo, and Scotch, they all recognize the fact that you legal aliens are a big part of New York City's economy they work here Hey live year they are a big party shitty so the thinking was shouldn't these people be able to do things like opened up bank accounts and you know paid Bills, and that's kind of the rationale behind them, catches for well they pay sell sacks let's not get can I will happen but you know you if you don't have a serves maturity number, they are job big social security numbers but if you know if you're not if you're absorbs appeared in number obviously you camp a payroll tattoos so D to discuss sound so meticulous to you and and Mitch me this for eighty five boroughs appreciate you being the expert that you will. If they want Minnis politely coach or a legal alien but why can't we why what's the problem when they don't want to get a voter I'd be, you know quite good like he should that when you go vote you should have a voter A.D. court the role against that will I'm on it, what's the difference here well that is a great point and I spoke with the someone recently who was an opponent voter I d cards and he said look I don't him from a vote already guard so long as we gave everybody about ready card so, I think this sort of if you we give everybody a you know a country I d card and National I d card as some countries do, then maybe that takes for free then maybe that takes away the argument I get a vote righty cut when you're right there too, there to do, opposite arguments made by the same people, and you know news in its of the league a little hitter loud to come in and user services this up with all are the ones who led the part of the, credible insane on just and grotesque taxes of New York state during what we have to pay it will we look at our paychecks and it, it's down to nothing because we got to give it back to New York state that is to support illegal immigrants as well as everybody else well that's right I mean now some services we want we do what he legal aliens using for instance the police if someone's assaulted by a by anybody. whether their you'll ego or legal we want them going to the police and reporting that time we don't want them being in fear of being Deport it because then if that happens then we're basically declaring to every criminal out there alright it's open season on illegal aliens they're not allowed to go to the Police they'll get beaten Rob by crazy so we want them using police services we also want, amusing fire services if there's a fire kneeling away only ends home we don't want the whole neighborhood bring down, and we want them using hospitals right so because if eight one of them has Amigos or mom so rebel a that they're not credo working a five point very yeah look I mean, exactly expect league We are that's why Donald Trump in a sixty minutes interview was very clearly he was cleared him a, that was you know we're not going around up thirteen million people I said that during the campaign yes that we would never do that, said is where going to start with the people that have criminal records people that of committed assault and robbery and we're gonna send them back, to the country heard that they came from And if they don't want him to bad those countries are going to have to heal like you know like the way the country is built on immigrants the cunt the strength of the United States of America's built on immigrants on my Graham passer came here and I think I'm sensitive to this on why we have to pay for everything and why now we're going to protect illegal immigrants before they protect. That we the disenfranchised taxpayer before the they go to that the self Bronx and and we we we we have to rely on pastures, like oh D most L.A. burials who you here on them un see a and I mean nights in the answer pestered de los doing gobs work in the southpaws the, more so than the city is and and helping out the inner city all those disenfranchised demeanor cities were gonna we but the legal individual my grandparents at a come your struggle with this language struggle with the laws go through, in brief system that we could never even understand what they did, is it for not only a tying is for juice for everybody coming in for an Eastern your route my goodness gracious everybody who came in we were Preds so prejudiced against and we've learned a laws and we won the language and we paid the taxes it we became citizens and that to protect the illegal immigrants I you can't ship them out there's got to be some going to be me, , but this is this is on call for for the block used to be able to do this at the purposely try to get no way and it does exactly reeks a political and stay, you know and he's encouraging the protests that are going on you know he saying Donald Trump has no mandate he was the most, hurting about that now get now that that's true. That I'm I just got the email from a different, that there was a father who died in in the ambulance because the protesters held up that And Human now that true you know it doesn't look like that's true that is from that was initially reported on the website in full WARs, and it looks like God that with this similar things were said about Other other protest a few years ago so does not appear that that's true, all right but the you know up a shout out to folks from all the country's to come here the, the Pakistani Indian, a population in New Jersey which has since a Chanel said that, they contribute so much so the let teams of the come that they contributes so much of the Society but you got a I don't know what the problem is why can't they just be legal like my career Pirates of a string well goal struggle yeah they would call them named you in the you walk did this respect my grandfather would get beat up Le'Veon the factory that, factory, does he was the was the mentality him, look at this grease ball with the this like that job showed the monte oh you know he never eight call I like Joe DiMaggio never, eight garlic a silly is this sounds he never did because they didn't one I'm just because they would say all you look at you give me you with the garlic smile on the ice when he got that racism not to mention killing the Italian Americans than than almonds because they put the tie unskilled the please keep never happened they on them and Petty well the great that he was Vogel though they got what they deserved a races.