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Eric Metaxas On Police Shootings

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Eric ones nicest, he is one which is to say Miracle Monday we try on Monday's on this show, to tell a miracle story to deal is something that, and that to touches on the miraculous in our second hour today we're going to finally play episode from high, last episode five Ken Fisher if people are seeing this program you know who can Fisher is good but the question is Dino Chris times as he sitting right here my producer Chris times hello hello, does anyone really know who you are and a bit of an enigma wrapped in a row, thank you, and tried to a golden Brown delicious with some Yeo's us you you realize that the Ken fish episode number five yeah that that's the clip hanger got number people on Twitter had can contact me to win You Can Play episode fronts the Cliff hanger from for winning the play it we forgot that was a clip, we apologize but we're playing is today he he ended it and we all got to the Emerald City import the curtain back and be wholly saw, tune in for episode five for I yeah so anyway week we're we're playing that's in aren't that's an hour number two in this hour, after the segment we're going to be, completing a conversation with Joe, this got Bo he joked disco I loved, Jonas diploma and he had been tested his friends as an even guys just personal he's loaded with show busy night doubts. He D. met everyone knows everyone but he's himself all areas business where he imitate sliced along, last up I don't know what I don't remember I don't remember he says, two Rice and finish yes something like yeah fish and Rice, anyway Ok now in the news, let's see yesterday, this weekend I spoke yesterday at times quick Church in New York City to watch online at T. S.E. N.Y.C. dot org Times Square Church P.S.T. and Wesley dot org but I love Times Square Church is just an amazing to so many great church's here New York City but that's the one that formed knee for good or for it all out where I met since am, and it's just the worship the sir men's assist a great place on fifty first in Broadway, one, but in the news News, a lot going on most of it focused around these horrific, shooting C.I.N. it's interesting I gave S.P. someplace recently and I said, that or maybe, in D.C. I guess was in the second and we had that's right and I basically said that, really in some ways when something like this breaks out there's not much to say that the most, the most, intelligent thing the wise this thing you can do is just a showed up at because you know a lot of times we feel we have to have something to say, and I think we should we should resist that impulse, that people keep saying You know what's your opinion on the said. But if seven opinion people were killed, its sad, Pray for them Pray for the families and and save board have mercy this is this is not easy, to fix I mean if so many needs an answer for me and something I would just say well Jesus is the answer but that's what means a little unpacking yeah but the , the arguing back and forth on this has been tremendously unfortunate, and now the big thing is, chippy call the hate crime, as far as I'm concerned it's big the concept of hate crime, it's one of the stupid is concept ever invented because if I below your brains out doesn't really matter Y.A. at leader brains out we have a lot against killing people that's really the loss so if you kill somebody, , you know it's it's wrong it doesn't matter if you didn't because they were Jewish Black because he unlike the glass as they were wearing because their T shirt offended you wore because you are shooting it someone else until them I mean it really gets ridiculous legally speaking at the concept of Hate crimes it's it's part of the political correct, error that we're in that somebody says Oh if you hated that person You killed them because you hated them, then it's a special category of crime, I don't really understand that so now that we have this idea that they're hate crime city kill somebody because the person is gay where their presence back we call the hate crime and now because this killer killed police men because they were cops and because they were wide. People are saying is to be called hate crime minutes sort of one of these things where, you know yes was each it should be call the hate crime if there is such a thing is hate crime but I would actually say why do we care whether to hate crime absurd yeah I'm and I think today the news item about the shooter was that he was black listed from some of these, , you don't sort of extreme Black groups, he was bus listening I liked as on the table, so he was even selves you know what I mean like it and the extreme missed Black groups are looking for stable, well stream este I mean, he again and I guess the they recognize him as a announced, person now, com and I think I think was the chief of police that was responding to really do it Julien his comments over the weekend which is made it made a characters Asian of the fact that there isn't on Monday out moon that we have in our country, and brain and so I think, you know I think there's there's definitely Gang Green, I'm with that with sort of the racial, detention things in need to be healed in and fix and maybe right, hopefully and gods way maybe this will be a way that we could well with that but I guess I would say that, I know people listeners program no I'm a Christians so you can disagree with me but my point of view is that there is. Not, there's not much to be done unless you can do their two things first of all you need Grayson forgiveness if you're looking for justice you will never get justice because Justice is what you kill my guys then auto your guys than you D. did you know you're going to have to have Fielding Mccoy but Mccoy a few to goes on and on and on when his justice ever done with it, five capture killed were ten cops or fifty caps, what does that have to do it justice in fact it simply contributes to the injustice to snuff there's no justice in revenge, so then how do you find justice I mean I would challenge the people in the in the Black Lives Matter, world to say what, what is it that you're looking for I mean ten thousand apologies what are you looking for I don't really know I think that the the the idea that we we have a problem we got several problems I mean if cops are killing people a shouldn't be killing that's a problem, but it sweep we've had a lot of problems with with, we did comes all kinds of things going back to History I actually think that now with the advent of you know I phones and people taking pictures of everything we have the additional problem, of seeing every little problem magnified and it just makes it that much tougher to figure out you know how do how do we deal with this I mean I think that it is. It is horrifying news when I see these videos all I can say is that it is, it is truly horrifying any think there has to be, a better way, and then killing somebody, pass the big it doesn't mean that I don't basically sympathized with the cops of course they do but I'm saying that you know that there are cases where they are just their loaded for bear their geared they're looking for trouble their pumped up and and ready to to snap and that's not good yeah you're going to do things that you're going to regret for the rest of your life and the other reality is it people get, you know stepped in by fear and that they don't either got more trained properly or they don't, fell back into the training in May and they react of fear, so you house either on both sides are the kind of terrified, and , tonight and totally takes happen I can totally understand why, black's are angry I mean believe me is just it is horrifying his horrifying but this is one of the things it's not going to be easy to do and I think that Grace is the only way when you have people saying things like Spike Lee said something like it's open season on Black's or or copier hunting back, it is just despicable Ian helpful it is so yeah I mean if you want to add to the problem Mr. Lee that's that's what you say that adds to the problem that's not helpful but has really I know what it's it's it's just terrible. Cash this Y. but they are going to be as I think one of the signs that that was interesting was that you notice that they're not the protests is the same and I'm trying to start a race for the trend and one so in the community, there's a some sort of this belief that they've been you know obviously and there's a lot of true took that they've been on duly another gut of subjected to announce precious for a long time and the other, in a prison system is another whole thing that has to be You know it, address stand, but there is an interesting them, letter that a backup broke that I've read this morning talking about how he came into projects of him a Brooklyn and really, we wanted to do to help and violence their grips pickup but, heartened in support of community yeah nobody ever wanted to sort of, the neck out there it's a where this person, you know and and the Manning we need to have President and leaders who are wary who are saying You know what needs to be set I don't think was president, has set helpful things either but we don't want to go into that when we come back much more cheerful conversation we get to talk to, the brilliant legendary comedian Q.O., this got bow and in our second hour, ten fish, Miracle Monday folks thank you for listening in a taxes talk dot com was the website. unison, error, Texans show am five ninety, the answer, they their this is Eric Wood taxes lately I'm telling you about Liberty University's timeline to greet programs Liberty University's world's largest Christian University with over in ninety-five thousand students starting around the world through liberties on the line programs, while there a lot of the adversity to jump into online education few can deliver on the promise of a quality education with such flexibility even fewer can actually point two graduate of their timeline program like my friend Morgan from Nashville I did speak actually got my degree from Liberty University to degrees actually not only have this process taught me South discipline, it also learned get it is never too late to propel your dreams a hand I did it all wom why I did it and you can to call Liberty University now eight hundred four two four nine five nine five that's eight hundred four two four nine five nine five eight hundred four two four nine five nine five four visit Liberty dot me use slash con La, line flexible affordable possible Liberty University on the line, Ok that's the last them all guns and when he what are the screws four, funneling instructions can turn just about anyone into a sailor but with points dot com self installation doesn't have to be a four-letter word what if you're level of confidence and following instructions, the online process makes it easy and you can even talk to a blind dot com designed consultant the walking through every step to make sure you get it right when you were accustomed blind for blinds dot com they come with a one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed which means if you miss measure protect the wrong color anything up with you order so remake your blinds or free he wants samples. 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I can help you know that, and when I'm in New York mode and would you in the room I can't, I am not willing the Buckley hit it I don't know who I am but I I start talking, it is so I Julie thank you for Christophe thank you for being on the show, he is its long overdue thanks for having me man, and the Needham reading these, so you take use everyone across this great land the greatest country, on playing all they did you know, dates of America General my book is about my new because about, but this country and how we've been afraid to be patriotic we've been afraid to beat up is that the cultural narrative in the court The Colts elite Ok I'm not talk about the guy in the street but The Colts releases that would wanna be patriotic anymore you know we've done on the damage around the globe and we're going to keep our heads down you know when you think Are you kidding This is the greatest kind you know the narrative among morning show, on a night seventy vs. New York is that and I said of the Fourth of July, be Prout the pitchout I said God Bless you, God Bless America Godless you in your family it so I could just be proud of it and you could say I'm from American you could deep hey man You know my family came from another country they came from Italy became a generation ago they can all but one they came over they learned a lot they learn the language immediately tried it.