Ellen Degeneres Grills JLo About Drake

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Right under a six-foot seven-foot eight-foot bunch young money militia and I am the commissioner you don't want to start with easy because the app is for finisher, Alex was Kanye West now, only will wind yeah, let's wrap for a thousand, and the penned, and and and offender, and, played with this honor is I'm your yes I was just getting into this wrap thing, not too good added but I'm with getting in your life, out back, he'll do in it, after like twenty twenty five years he's a funny guy, yeah the thing is all the show, I want to aid taping of jeopardy years ago when they're at and see state we're going to college term and yeah, and you know what he's you know bantering in between the segments he's, , from the call club according, but during what would be the commercial breaks with a timer thing out as of those a real show yeah you come out to the audience and he was whole Larry a, he's been on a The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a couple times just you know making an appearance can one of those games that Jimmy always brings people out for yeah and he's always so funny when they have him on their he's just a funny guy yeah very funny, he's also Washington Redskins fan little nugget, from a big fan yeah any likes will Farrow he thinks the Will Ferrell impression of him is very funny. It's bright it's also I think it is do I wear jeered in Katie headlines in under sixty seconds, a week after the force resignation of Michael Flynn president from his name lieutenants general H are make master as his new National Security Advisor vice president my Pence is in Brussels meeting with year being union and eight or leaders whatever our differences are two Comments sure the same, the same values porn you know damage in central Texans of thousands of people are without electric power twenty limbs are being hauled away from streets possible flooding for the latest powerful whether system bearing down on northern California as well a rocky forces had reached the vicinity of most or airport researchers study dietary to adjust to think thoughtful weight loss program, got lots of groups support to keep up their new habits during one on one phone calls with registered dietitian the other prove did not get obvious how they group they got disappointed regained just up LB and on average of the people who didn't get the support put on three times as much great man survey and the journal pediatric found the most seventy percent, or script should all be like pain killers in Holmes would children teams are not being Stuart safely about down the pen that Pao believes the Nationals international fly to her new home inching do China nineteen ninety nine Kentucky Derby and practice winner charismatic has died at a farm in Kentucky the horse was twenty one years old. Well this might seem a bit, out here but Angela Naj only apparently, the doing some cooking at the house, okay and she cooks for kids spiders in Scorpions because he's not crazy, but like real ones yeah, I get there Like dummies you know, now this different not out there once he's a rich people not doing, they're doing real spiders and Scorpions to see the high for way have a team, will take the things out, I think it's always been a part of the done in the but it then I think there's a trip to the survive, during the were of course people, and people are being stars a were able to, survived survive on, things like this and they did I was a first time you have, he's been, the first have been, last first in country cricket see start with cricket's yeah credits in a beer of course and then you kind of you know live up to, and with flip, , then, you wanna go I sheriff's bad, exactly, if I know, november, if I can play right into this, so I get here and get them, yeah, , menu, right, here to Katie's of late night in the morning his next, but first nearly on, love on the bright one of seven five, Casey out, , , system, , just again, , I think it is, , , , , just the game, , , , easily, in the morning. One of seven five Casey, and put a future was suspended last week after giving her students instructions for making in injecting crystal math, I'm sorry suspended, you have to do to get fired in Canada, by it for them, we're going to have to give you the day off one accounted the math and I hate to say, and the year officially on fan I, center John McCain criticize Presidents runs attack in the media day and said that stifling the press is now dictator is get started said from and then when they do next, this weekend Trump held a campaign rally in the Florida airport and over nine thousand people showed up is the biggest crowd Trump has drawn to an airport without containing anyone, This is be charity eighties Lee Canadian the morning on one of five, Kane, you know we like yeah And when did you notice on the show very funny very talented yeah, and that she really gets into people and like that how to find a way to try to get them to spill secret about the personal life, well Shia jail on the other day and, youth asking her all about Drake because there's rumors that, they're dating her hooking up up and now they're not, and she to want to get the low on, but you know it into men in our hands and night with, to this show I spent with my outings I was with the. Yeah after that, again, this guy my near was in this guy, you don't know until right now yeah when you were so, riding with him nine song writing, us on together that's mature, I'm just saying if you're song writing there's a take your is that, right a song, writing this song right at that moment now yeah, that moment what was happening with as we did hanging out business, I hang out with a lot of friends and we have, how did with this, it was one person I do, now of my friends, early and I write a song together yes he did you know, actually seventy a song that he wanted me to be on and then I, on this on the right and so we have a stunk again I don't know what he's gonna do with that but yeah yeah when you got on the song, exactly, you're exaggerating lingo I'd, it in, and when did you know you know legit will look at me about her dating what's a younger guys you know my coming deal about that you date younger man I don't think that you are, all stop, okay, they younger man it's not like you have to be younger it's not about that I didn't, need people and then at if I go out with them I go out them and if I like the my, I like, I don't I guess is in there, it's about the person you know I mean it's about when they are going. she a bit to get the ball like that, alright well we got email from an all morning listener in this the couple days ago she wanna know who the father was of her one month-old baby, and she's pretty sure it was her X.M. issues positives or acts where X's now there's no why the timing of the match up at all, well we have the paternity results will share those results with you coming up next, jared, on on a seven five, easy, but when I'm shopping, I love a good deal I love to say AHL, I love a by when get one, and so listen really closely it to end their to tell you about the current promotion and Cena mad spot, it's the best thing you've ever heard out it's by wine, get to free on all chairman baggage of that's right you've heard me by one get to free on all to them packages, this means that you can buy Lazar here move will for your legs and get your bikini in your under arms for free this is the most amazing be all I probably ever heard of and it would any product ever, and with something is wonderful and as, I'm amazing as the Lazar Herm of let's on a mad spot it change my life it's made me more confident it's made my skin the better smoother sexier and I don't have to pick of a razor I don't have to save wax or tweet is again. 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Hopefully he, and the, other my child is, play for and and you broke up, flank found out but I was pregnant and, he played come over, after we broke up so for a booty call when a and you know, he claiming that he, and I'm really need him to take the paternity cast but had, yeah, you know I'm kind of, brooklyn here, right now congratulations he said the among one month-old baby congrats Um I know it's difficult or sanding and now we do have, you're ex-boyfriend Brandt on the phone Brandt you there, yeah I mean there were you able to hear what she said, I mean, there were to thank you and that's my baby but we broke up over a year ago but, that's about baby, was she said that you know so come over, okay the total, Garnett can't believe the work you said it He just, , I get, yeah so you know when you came over, I don't care how many beer if you had just because you don't remember it doesn't mean it didn't happen who wow, so but have run the what you're trying to prove to be people lead and it was real unit it make him think that you're a spot when you want to make account for, some noted your during, people one how about you take the for turning you know why if you for third, I don't improve me wrong, and a point, before we do that I'm guessing guys don't get along this worried about this the Flames like yeah I said does a little Hunter yeah.