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College Basketball

Listen: "North Carolina is a team that likes to get up and down"

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Grant Halverson
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Coming up here on Saturday to Syracuse is going to get into that zone and DR North Carolina to beat him with outside shooting but you know North Carolina its is a team that likes to get up and down and very fun to watch and very exciting with all cans a good athlete so how did that Desir to sit back and then zone the whole game and wait once again did to they get behind against the Tokyo editorial hs and they deftly don't want to go up tempo Karolina love's good but you know to push the pace again just Jackson tremendous on the break it tough team you know you start should be shins from the other guys tonight he'll Pence in gave Eric tremendous work so I start it looked witted andor Jeanie it you don't get it you know make a layoff your rebound make a layup you know what you're going contributions from the other guys to compliment Rice shots in store and you know a kid in eight of twelve shooting double double came unique whose big page they're never now if you people from all different angles and the Syracuse get a member huge detection they get up but we call mark of the game and tied out and try to force Cowart apart halfcourt upsets in order to win a steady look at the Oregon game yesterday gets Oklahoma there down eighteen at halftime there down double digits a throughout the second half well you know and then they high maybe adjustments and what to oppress and tried to change tempo and throw some different and get his opponent out of the comfort zone against Kentucky and Virginia I was wondering why he didn't try a box in one against buddy healed when he was Cullen number fullcourt pressure it's something inside to sit back on its heels and answers losing the game yeah it was surprised and then all Mcginn of may commit just Live and I body heal the ball or two to do something that they got him out of his comfort zone now I'm enjoyed a watered been really good this tournament then Ian again travel that game nobody he'll was the reasonable Como wanted it and then you I never will again kind of Chip award body heal would make a play him you know Damon then all merger really good coached your sometimes you can get you weigh it out you know a kid still have to go to your niche so it and I am down than that I think it gives you a momentary laughs and up last in years so it you know it just wasn't there night to me Oklahoma was the better team they jump on them early or again with into a finger really closed the gap significant Larry him yet could he have done I'm sure he's picked him so you know the last forty-eight hours trying to figure out what you've done in their pro light the stop the more learn a lot bottom line is you know Oklahoma plays Oregon the figure it out.