Listen: "Do you think Golden State is going to get this record?"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Coming up here around the corner I'm and it's going to be towards the end of the season second last games of the season you can Golden State is going to get this record they got to go five in one whom are they get San Antonio twice we can't lose twice you get a win five of the six okay they're going to get San Antonio twice Memphis twice now the Spurs may rest all times I think the Spurs may want to win that one Also maybe that's a loss for their but you're talking to get a win home and home at Memphis it's not easy you know Memphis still has a lot order stuff to go them play normal plays like Memphis they get the Blazers you know Damian Lillard is going to want to prove I can't leave got passed over for the All Star team you think Golden State does it goes five and wonder they get it I think they fall want to ensure No all you think it's audibles go for into my yeah well the last six Ok eyes and I think they're going to come in just five in one is going to come down to the very end with Memphis man last game we're going to hold number at the seeing all the Bulls we all pissed off about it Cigarette or more to come is.