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Listen: "Maybe we should just get used to saying the Las Vegas Raiders"

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Travis Lindquist
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As of our complete seven Forty Three we get over to the Wendy's sports desk Alex on the late and The Raiders are Delino ended knowledge is still in San Francisco yeah we're how alone the question marks right there you know maybe we should just get uses saying the laws Vegas Raiders we know Marc Davis does not minded on about the commish remember when having a professional sports name in Sin City was a flat I'll sin well Roger Goodell isn't shutting it down get Del saying Davis's appropriately looking at alternatives and a Vegas is out oise the owners will take a hard look at it and phone but Goodell is still hoping The Raiders staying in the five one I was saying quote I'm hopeful that Oakland will be one of those cities and that we can avoid any relocation to start with an quote Goodell also wrapping up the Owners Meetings in vocal rids on floated by saying he's not retract in his decision to take draft picks from the Patriots over the flight gate meanwhile the new Niners a coach Chip Kelly up big attraction for reporters at the owners meetings reporters stale peppering Kelly with what happened and what went wrong in Philadelphia vitaly wanted to focus on making sure Collin Tapper Nick will be his QB and ss it really excited to work with we held them after we saw night before so you know when I've known counter wound it's not like man then I'm or so my conversations with him and just been amount young I think he knows that also coming out of the Owners Meetings how about the new Los Angeles Rams being featured on this year's Hard Knocks a little payback for The Rams if you will multiple reports indicating that the NFL cut a deal with The Rams back in twenty fourteen saying hey if you draft Michael Sam The first openly gay football player the NFL not pick you to be on Hard Knocks who Hunter staying alright from our that's the hardball now Willey are won't a there's a rumor floating around a ride will retire following the two thousand seventeen season a run trying to bury that report from ESPN a ride apparently told ESPN dot com.