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David 'Big Papi' Ortiz Expects This Unusual Fan Tribute At The Yankees Stadium

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Jason Miller
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Things like this so he was what civvies on its of my or so and i and he was wondering what's gonna happen if the yankees less than a year that was late planning moment the fans are going in how many years three thousand all fifty thousand two thousand but she yeah hunter guarded by taking that is highly don't ever change hole bold that would be knees and that would be the most amazing tribute to any athlete ever this a hundred i don't think i got hannah ram of it and he wrote a very very wonderful letter to the people of new york and thanking them for everything that they've done and that the booing makes him stronger sell bring it on thirty amazing coming up ads eight thirty we'll talk more about just in the row speaking out about the brand's arena split ktvk reduce annually to make a cursing candidate all makes while four one i know that yeah leaving he would be easily tv i don't know how we ever got david ortiz to cut a liner ver show but i'm so grateful a long long time ago i'm going to be the thing that for the rest of our lives we have a guy who will be in the hall of fame go down as one of the goat of baseball candidate talking about how much he loves ourselves giving us a shot alright six one seven nine three one one two three four six one seven nine.