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Listen: "A week after the Super Bowl, in ninety-nine"

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Brian Bahr
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Hey I was stiff Tierney Talkin about you know what the only time my lie and I placed him bat in a competitor you know sports book it was a week after the Super Bowl a ninety-nine and make put up two hundred and eighty one odds Graham can we it when they next year I bet but it's been block I won fourteen thousand dollars so I'm not fifty dollar Barrett and the went down below lapsed player that did Tennessee a one yard won you handed standouts Jazz so you have to do a strike so incredible I had that kick it there might pocket on all year and my wallet and now I'm I've never price stats you know Boise State anywhere like that and it but I want The Rams fan Roman gave were on it and rotate Grier in but they were my three in thirteen yeah year they they won their game in nasty let's get around out great on tour two one it's a wall on a new bull sixty busts on it while I didn't see the matter mind Y four hundred thousand dollars in the slot machine I wanted to bring a hundred dollars Garnett no known as you might take come on you wanna Townsend we've got a bit Thomas so easy he was one of grade on the slots the You ones fourteen grand I'm a future wager over the next three years as of late I did here but in those situations when you never been again no no I adjust I just don't know what's right like I like complaint Blackjack him I don't like I I bet for and you know but while path the injury it's easy to see why he just made every able out there angry is out banger in South because every year.