Listen: "Mike McCaig and hasn't been doing this forever, but he's been around the NFL long enough"

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Al Bello
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Fitzpatrick I am not so sure right now yeah and the Jets the reporters at their frustrated and the demands are bothering than and The Broncos it just totally backed off because too steep eventually Ryan Fitzpatrick asked that has to change his mind in the Jets can't be mad at me we stuck who's reporting are whose leaking the fact that they're mad I mean that's just the second added Jimmy Graham's S I mean i don't pitch Petrick Mike McCaig and has been doing this forever but he's been around the NFL long enough to realize it you know feelings are not something that it plays a partners or should player partners right and it was special in unit teaming fit a player in your thinking about all you know myself worth insist Y EN than on this good Ok fine if you're the team got to be smart and and now dollar do something to her your organization Brodeur mad that he wants money he's not the only guy wants about all right I.