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Listen: "He would've been right there Jerry Rice in terms of receiving yards, he would have had well over hundred touchdowns"

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Over but I think he's a track NYG another one Calvin Johnson usually announced his retirement after you know we've been talking about it for a month but now official what are your thoughts you think he will be all famer and the Youth being CP it would by retiring saw early twenty-nine years I made glory made a whole lot of money nine years only at least twenty-nine going on thirty Yori may have just turned thirty he blew being a first ballot hall of famer website after short that said dope fifteen NFL record to donors in a nine year career nineteen hundred sixty-five for four yards receiving in a season eleven thousand yards flaws he's good he's a Hall of Famer but he's not going to have to wait on about he played another five years okay do the usual fifteen un about career he would've been right there Jerry Rice in terms or receiving yards he would had well over hundred touchdowns he would a first down at that point not now there's the lack of postseason success does that now no I don't think you can hurt his chance now you don't you can visit by the way in the two games he played we get big numbers but not only that it's not his fault He's a wide receiver you know you so much I don't wreck recollection huge drop that cost them a playoff game now I mean the Barry Sanders played only postseason games if his career is on to know we played well to Billy made the postseason on the times it very seriously only Braun I think what one two two postseason games in the last four years as a yeah it's not like they have a lot of you know postseason success it's not like they played a ton of the postseason he would Barry Sanders there in Johnson thirty by the way I'll be thirty one September twenty fifth OK so the bottom line is no I don't think it's at all can affect him a very here's Barry since Barry Sanders in his career and played well to put play one more layer righty played six postseason games that's it they're one in five and by the way he didn't play well they say there's averaged four point two four yards per carry with one postseason touchdown so now it doesn't hurt or not you should question what effect I think he is a guy who is all a favor it's just not in the first ballot I mean that's really I have to do it that's how they really that's what it is that is giving go every single night here on going deep right I want to get into my way we'll talk more college it's.