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Listen: "Big night for Hillary Clinton she rolled up primary victories in four states one of them Illinois"

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Big night for Hillary Clinton she will the primary victories in four states one of them Illinois she also won Florida Ohio and North Carolina Missouri still too close to call ninety-nine percent of the vote is in there she has a very in their lead over Bernie Sanders he's already issued a statement congratulating Clinton on her victories on the Republican side also a tight race in Missouri But Donald Trump and Ted Cruz still neck and neck this morning Trump with a slight lead he scored victories Tuesday and Illinois North Carolina and Florida took a sick one his home state of Ohio Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign local races we now know who will try to take Senator Mark Kirk's us Senate seat in the November election WGN skim Gordon reports congress woman timid outward declared victory over Andrey as not form ahead of the Chicago Urban league in State Senator Napoleon's Paris we're reject the politics of the year and division that have no place in Illinois we're Americans we believe in this country and we're going to leave through strength and not veer Democrats seeing Kirk's fate as one of the best chances to oust and incumbent Kim Gordon WGN natures much more in the primary elections throughout the morning sports traffic and weather next on WGN lucky for my son Nicolas Roy Williams on Mike Sweeney who are you walk and four of the next Autism my D of friends guy life I'm you Simmons well and many of million not only is once again it's out monthly join is enter next want sponsored by how things he dealt register and donate at all to him speaks war one heat.