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This Radio Show Call-In Says He Went To Church With Donald Trump

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Aaron P. Bernstein
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I did not I don't think that people I like Mr Trump may contributions played may be did make feet didn't but I I never of circuit and how was the preaching that makes good Edmund appeal that's which should be another ended I was the only people would put money in both the third could give feel like yeah so what what I get where where the Sherman's then traditional event Christian Sherman's with traditional Hall's I would say so I mean I don't play there I with the they're very of the Liberal that's why I've got to PEDs a deter Chubb you know I thought it was more liberal list my background promote college put the Jets but I don't think there youth I would they would they were traditional yet I want to do going to vote for him guard late I get a vote form no I'm not I wouldn't were both put all week but could native that's what my concern is that we're not Beatty given that shortly between scour the data butter but for president know Hillary had to experience but heard it making ability so last question well would you talk with Donald Trump about after Church I was told go about my business interests you know you know there the become but not have very and can spend so we did not have any in-depth conversation gala that was a great call that's that's News no one is ever confirm for me before that he was a regular tender whether you like him or not that just very interesting nagging in Melrose Massachusetts listing I thank on am twelve sixty in Boston high nagging you're on the Do you watch out yes well you Strength I want to thank you for what you dealing with like to watch and an arm my father life on film and on what you needed at home that they get my mother in law was there goal my wife cycle but he lots of leg on the Nevada Frida Hewitt freedom dot org joined but you have to be quick Mager before we run out of time which a point okay my haselman also wore on music but thank you so much of it during Yes I read some idiotic and yet about it and I and a puck that I dead Lurch that when they went one monolith let complain about his behavior if you like them I like if a David Ferrer at my don't do you know live in the moment all right so you know where them again and I appreciated Maggette got a timeout relief actor dot com.