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Listen: "I know he's a big Panthers fan or at least not"

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Grant Halverson
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I know he's a pick Panthers fan or at least not I guess I say 'I know the is our members knowing that before the last few weeks make yesteryear Warriors fan live on California maybe you knew that I had no idea until Eichel last month or two So they go and finally it all goes back to the dead yet again how many times will dab or dabbing be said by the announcers during the broadcast over under two I don't know why you have to be guy I mean he's got to be a half their now hoping for the under because I think we've all as I mentioned at the start of a show had enough of dabbing Christian Eugene Oregon next up what's up Chris from the first arm color years Earl actually first for most of his return earlier on or that I won the up a little bit about to hold off the top of the pick for picks for a go-ahead Chris was snap it as well as they are I don't know I'm going back and forth the Carolina apart all of our own Nolan actual sport select members got the number one deeper and Carolina posting up number one up for both the like it's going to be a little bit harder for Denver's D from the angle I thought for him because rushing for the for Bender was really good but you know there is how are they going to get pretty have been more you know because they get caught up in before and gender didn't reveal the skate figure out of all those quarters going to build the spectre of wide receivers well you still not I think the player picks are no doubt any I think a lot of people saw what Denver did to doing win last weekend did the Marcus where we're assuming he was hitting Tom Brady on every play but personal Carolina's often sideline is a lot better than New England's offensive line and obviously Cam Newton is much better getting out you know away from the pass rush than Tom Brady is and he's a much better athlete he's much younger so that you know where DeMarcus Ware just reek havoc last week I just don't see him being able to do that again this week Chris or two weeks ago the year as the like you know Cam Newton for the Raptors going to be able to give the pocket under center for the start of a lot you're them Tom Brady's but Shore in a second serve two point one seconds for Tom Brady was rated him in about the tooth and the girl ball Billick he's also if they do give up the off the Wine and arrival of you know but the pressure on about the let him there also you know make some players will be get out of the of you know it's picked up to the corner spot for another going to be able to stick with the right receivers So what are on the comeback situations Chryst great call man thanks for making it I appreciate it are so good point and I do think it's good point brought up that Cam Newton is going to have the ability extend the play between having a better off tons of line and being a younger better athlete than Tom Brady at this point but that's an event she will have to Tom Brady did not vollmer was getting just destroyed playing in play he gets to Marcus where in the AFC championship game as not going to happen this week the Marcus where can make a big player to big plays Cup plays but the dubee every play like it was about two weeks ago are one hour down two big hours to go next Dallas but a little time on the saga but it's Johnny wins AL to go live France out of the Super Bowl who became the ball the in a full network about forty minutes down the ball the bullpen right CBS Sports Radio.