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Listen: "You can win two more Super Bowls"

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Brian Bahr
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We live sports fans get a wake up call each and every weekday morning from Dennis and Callahan with Linehan philosophically at The Q have a two year window here or you can win two more Super Bowls and you just made it much much harder Yeah I don't really walk Becker said that before the extenuating circumstances is the fact that Tom has two with three years left of I am Brady caliber football this cruise beyond anything we've seen before the Pelech check is on the same page with crap that they never going to quote quote go for it they're always going to think long-term that that Bob Kraft has been his team has been contending for fifteen years right guess what he wants this to go foot generations where they're at winning ten eleven twelve games winning division and every year the idea of we need to go for it next year when it again whether we'd close up for all plan are not they're not going to do that and it's seen.