Listen: "Using basketball as a way to get to where he is now"

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno
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Since nineteen ninety just stood out before everything else yeah plus Monday older a great story is well to growing up in in Jamaica you know a lot of players we see this in baseball the time don't have the greatest of economic means coming out of their knees he's always building of basketball is ply wouldn't greats in an Iraq as well so truly when I said pass The Rocking and they weren't kidding on growing up in it and it house where he was sharing a bad with seven siblings and officially needing using basketball is a way to get to where he is now and that is a true student athlete that without basketball who knows that he would have been at this point right now and a great story because he stays all for years get his degree as his education and now hopefully it's going to have a strong NBA career but he also has the fall back of knowing that he had been in college and finished out that great a before we as a way too college Football here I'm gonna go.