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Margo Martindale On Her New Movie 'The Hollars'

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Valerie Macon
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Middle east moment i think that that it's will become a becomes but it all comes from reallocate the movie it's been there it get away from home for quite a while and if you know you thought with what's going on with his family that his father with his brother with his plan and i think that that happened so on offense and it it it it's a wonderful i'm not going home about and connected your family your plans calling them weeks yeah you love ones that's the way people you know when lacy to be absolutely margot martin ellis here with us so again that new movies called the holler xs and again margot martin fresh off of him in the win for her work in the americans him and is there was a time not that long ago when you we would watch an episode of the good weiss and we washing episode of the americans in your own both of them in demand is a good place to be in hollywood so taught me a little bit about what it's like to.