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Listen: "As the University of Missouri's Columbia campus tries to rebound from racial unrest"

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Justin Sullivan
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He says Saint Louis any other three sites are all compelling as the university Missouri's Columbia campus tries to rebound from racial unrest now the schools double way plus credit Rating has been downgraded from stable to negative they've Simon swith UBS financial land cam walks dollars and cents show host says the downgrade there's a warning because frankly of the turmoil that's happened their end because a that enrollment is down so assuming that the university has to keep their expenses the same and even raise them but you're getting less revenue because you're enrollment is down well there's a gap that needs to be filled than he says the S and P is living those who know the numbers continue to deteriorate that rating might be downgraded again lose back in action tonight the take on the predators blues pre game show at six thirty on KMOX Hamlet put the possibilities showers and storms later on this morning and afternoon windy day with a high of sixty six degrees I'm the weaker News radio eleven twenty KMOX.