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Listen: "That's what Federal Reserve did to America in 2008"

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Spencer Platt
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That Federer's or did Comerica in two thousand and eight in order to keep the economy from think even Utley slammed their foot down harder on the ice the Raider than ever before into the Federal the cellar Raider Anthony the economy up by lowering by making it is here to are over money and run on borrowed money they ran that read all the way to zero up with Ana zero integrated rate all economy begin to go crazy you are going to twilight I don't work everything changes have become an easier to borrow then it does to say turn it may be too but no by Kent no by can get the money the bike and get the money when you kind of year that's the point if you're a government you get the money up rate if you are with me I'm here then Green to borrow all of money you're right because another public it will be there would you have to pay if Pack but businessman you're not going to get some only the other thing is if you're a giant business man if you're one of The of the two biggest corporations on the planet you get money That's great like that you put those companies have done with top him a bar of the money stupid make their company Bigger if they know more about that so they bought back in their own stop it's good to be effective reading the market value of the start because there was little to be paid on out here and they could do it if you're a pretty didn't interest rates it also meant that they could take all their proceed to overcome if you're around the American plan to their company on borrowed money but to your bills then you're missing one arts major borrowed money just not taxed turned the money do tactic therefore which would you rather run your company of The Core of money caught a two zero you're you're missing one thing about six on me I've got a throw this them we only have five percent unemployment so I forgot I know we all the February asleep Italy I mean with a real unemployment economy twenty-three per rise but they've held out these figures the five Atlanta almost ninety-four million Americans Don't have job right about one another American in a prime work in years have noted.