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Listen: "What, what is Justin Anderson doing, he's making one point four million dollars this year"

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Kevork Djansezian
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About going out on what what is Justin Anderson dude is making one point four million dollars in here all the good a biology is going to make it a little bit go to make the one point four and I don't care about over muscle for eighty two games I'm going to take a one-point for yeah but with the long-term benefit favor though the year you get drafted in the first round maybe you know what he out in the early going one point five next year sit with m's got a couple the team options in which they probably will pick up a few the play and who goes Eddie Lacy does maybe start they get about by Q-school for athletes by WADA athletes they in school 'What are they stadium school Yeah it or even if they should if they if they're going to go be pro doesn't even matter if they stay in school anymore because we don't it goes to the school because BAL there is that the early look this up but there is the last couple years it was implemented where there's a penalty for a percentage you'd there's a certain number I bet that that you have to have and if you don't maintained whatever that number might be and I'm really not sure he means students that are in classes the working towards a degree Gatineau has the program so I think the more one and done so you have but I don't think that's so that's a great thing that's a look into that we have now take you know is if you're inclined to be a steward athlete you to be student athlete if you're not you're not depth and that's not the Sabres some young you know young men and women don't go to school than maybe mature and learned to to latch onto a more all series so it in a brace academics maybe didn't do in high school we see those stories is well the academic advisors the support staff it's all their Willis and got a lot of B.S it was I guess All ABA to depend or you see your career you're career goal in right if you see a division yourself as a professional athlete that's that actually been a professional athlete you probably look at it differently you look at it as more of a what I'm here at school because it's that it's the stepping stone that I have to take in baseball's your was different obviously because if you get drafted a high school you can give the option you can disco directly into the minors and try to make it to the league quickly or you can go to school but then you got to stay till your juniors season right or the they ll yell Junior Seau down to get hurt if you're a sophomore terms of experience but you're actually a third year student you are both but you know it of a mean with the Braves are million ways here I mean I'd love to see that they never going to change it cows hoops you think you know I don't see how they do but I just think about being the the season with if you're football player you can take the steps to go directly to the league without compromising yourself academically or is when basketball it you you make a decision that beginning of years whatever say second year first year that you're going to the and be a kind of compromise yourself for that entire semester than if you decide to come back to use group you know what it means so it does it sets up oddly for basketball players weren't easier for football players I just thought of that because I saw Justin Anderson sit.