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Guest - Listen: "Which take flying weapons by his own playing he but the kind of a play ended"

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Taylor Weidman
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And he became a pilot that with the first thing he did with the money he got as a star in hollywood which take flying weapons by his own playing he but the kind of a play ended if they flew in the army throw that he would already have been experience anyone it's waynes has an army pilot all well i have to say congratulations on this book what a great story can't wait and evidently cali steward jimmy's daughter actually gave you really powerful in door smith what was but that like when you met her that was the most power point door spent of my life my greatest moment as a writer was when kelly stewart said to me are dad would never talk about what he experienced and award thanks for letting up you know thank you robert math now that the world to me link if he is i get it see and again these are the type of stories that it it makes you appreciate i i already the him a huge fan of jimmy i think i am i speak for people oh yeah when you goal and delve into something that was not made public and he wanted quiet why do you think he wanted it kept acquired by the way well he was a perfectionist that was one thing of course you know all that all the guys who win over in that particular war in all the worst they come back and you can understand what they went through unless you were there to the so how can they talk about it they don't want to play because they lost their friend him was a lotta manning his command that bothered him he with a perfectionist he always thought if i had just made this decision or that with baby a lot of that he just locked it all away to hold last and all yeah i i hate when i saw this i i thought would with how come nobody is talking about this and how did now you've got a lot of really great stories like this again i i think it goes back to win how did this come across i know you use sought it out to you but was it thought in a moment of time or with the some have brought.