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Listen: Almost all the game after that first quarter de Andre Jordan was

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Through almost all the game after that first quarter de Andre Jordan was terrific twenty-two points and thirteen rebounds for him Rays who would seemingly mired in a slump of 14 of 15 games turned his ankle Mrs three games and comes back and can't miss 26 points off the bench although most of those came after the game had been decided but was quite obvious he has the taught seems a bit of 16 from the field the bench was spectacular one guy the week we need a talk more about and I hope we can going forward pitched the guy's been terrific eight points nine rebounds you're tonight help set the tone early in the second quarter for the Clippers Jay chair Reddick continues his hot streak a quiet 16 forensic 4 of 5 from beyond the three-point line that'll only up his average of late which is now 53 percent dating back to December night Chris Paul plays 26 minutes 15 points and 14 rebounds Bob moot save another nice night Frien him he's gonna take more defensive pressure off of Chris a gimmick and guard all five positions tonight seven points and four rebounds a Clippers shoot an astounding 60 percent they score a season high 100 in 30 points the previous season high yeah it was on Wednesday against the Charlotte Hornets another nice defensive team by the way any NBA Cooper score one twenty-two on the road without Blake Griffin in that one so things are starting to go the way we I think all envisioned that happening The Clippers did not shoot the 3 ball very well the first 20 year so games of the season and often Swiss just averaged did look very good I don't know what they're gonna continued his hot shooting but I definitely think they're going to be in that conversation now as a decent three-point shooting team you couldn't put them in their early on in the season the final score one thirty the ninety nine back with much more the Bucks and post game report of us and hopefully sports the beast nine eighty and the Clippers Radio Network nineteen twenty one has been serving LA come visit and drive a brand new twenty fifteen Chevy Cruz LSD only ninety nine dollars a month plus tax call now one eight eight eight seven eighty seventy-nine 27 ceiling A figure and Jefferson in the heart of downtown they find new Ellis one six seven I find so much of the credit Backes was about forty four dollars welcome to tell us to do that It's the second line of did something 45 sunny and I'm saying this new we resolved to bring your mind.