Pseudo-Cide: The Death Faking Industry Is A Thing

Elizabeth Greenwood, author of the book 'Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud', explored the world of faking death and talks about the industry behind it.

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is there and Industry devoted to faking depth, there is it's kind of piecemeal if it depends on, what kind of skewed aside you're trying to pull off, so for example if you once you commit life insurance Friday overseas and many countries you can go by what is known as the data can't, on the black market from near local thick series and that will include all the documentation you would need to provide to an insurance companies let out a body, you can buy bodies uncertain countries I've always heard and is one of the reasons why I traveled their from a book, in the Philippines there are more its where they will take in, and again effect bodies and hold down, and for Saunders it takes and a lot of fronts tears will go into he's more expertise these bodies and then immediately cream at Cree make them, as part of the problem with taking a gaffe If you're trying to claim life insurance many is providing a body without a body you have to a seven year ace said this kind of expedite the process