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Listen: "Michael Jordan never had, once he was off the court, he's gambling on the golf course, he's heading to Vegas"

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I dance naked from my home in Knoxville down I forty to Nashville and back twice sounds like it could be another lawsuit it tennessee if that happened now the other people here's a good one for you Michael Michael Jordan to Dave Grant says headed Michael Jordan do wanting to team Isaiah Thomas Matt Millen did you just described Matt Millen in the same sense is Peyton Manning and more importantly Michael Jordan Michael Jordan Michael Jordan was a spectacular player on the court SPECTACULAR player Michael Jordan never had once he was off the court he's gambling on the golf course he's headed to Vegas he's head into Atlantic City he didn't is not Peyton Manning you have paid what he was so great he didn't have to do Peyton Manning had to be obsessed Michael Jordan was obsessed obsessed with a good life and now obsessed with she's depth it appears Nathan in Knoxville joins us Nathan you're on the checking cane sugar Morning Herald CBS sports radio.