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Listen: watched great football on the couch that's what I would prefer the do

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Steve Dykes
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And watched great football on the couch that's what I would prefer the do yeah I think that this is going to be something we have to get used to be goes added eight of the next 11 years it's gonna be like this but just really frustrating amid there's a better option is Saturday night January second that is the better option and makes too much sense now everybody's gonna point to those during defense all the VA New Year's Eve games in the semis Finals tonight are going to look at the ratings The sponsors were gonna be happy the ratings gonna be through the roof and all that is true and I'll say Look at did hurt us in all but that's not always the point because the viewer is going to be and knowing the fan is going to be in no way you talked about soccer a guy who is fighting with his wife for having an argument with his wife about what they're going to do in the games being on he's probably one of those six million people that have that same station so it is annoying through the fan but it's not one of these things that you're look up and say oh my goodness No one watch the games everybody still going to watch in those numbers you gonna be through the roof richest more difficult worried should Exactly should law have your game what choose to next New Jersey yeah no no but Thursday night so when you're in Year leather share down in my game will lock all would hope of my late that's a nice will set up Downer thank you Doctor pepper yeah thank you really getting traded well well you've experienced it yeah it is they they they could not be more Jenner is a very hospital so when you're sitting down there watching that game you are expecting Watts on I know that I'm expecting Oklahoma play really really well Oklahoma in this game an AIDS mainly because of my affection my football affection for Baker made field and how I've watched his season per grass the great the dial give me this guy and a big game that type of thing and to be honest with you have a little bit swayed by the fact that I haven't really enjoyed her body into this Clemson run as much as maybe I should have an I just I I like the make-up of the team and Oklahoma has more then More than Clemson and not they game away from the shown Watson They also have a great exciting quarterback on but there's something about the story Baker made field the fact that he's not your normal typical guy in this situation the way he plays I just end the way that they played football over this entire season I mean if you think about forty ended the year nobody had been playing better the name I love in the game Both of these quarterbacks I'm excited the sea bolted them up close and personal course got a chance to me do so watch when he was up here but all the husband does a couple weeks ago a just a bad lose football player got coming off a Navy SEAL he's lost one game as a starter and that was the game he injured his knee in Georgia Ted two years ago last two ball games the robbery game versus South Carolina they CC chip should game versus Gore Carolina's accounted nine.