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'Holy Sh*t!': WWII Navy Vet Describes Attack On Pearl Harbor

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seeing these planes come around, from The over top of somebody spirited over top of us and the hell's going on here or there for went pretty low and all of a sudden I hear a Bigger explosion I look across Ford Island where the battle shifts Werner to big Plouffe of, small kind of thing it, they beat or just playing around the assault and a couple more come overnight the known they're not playing around this is serious and it came from the East, right over there so based very Ks, and we were close enough the doctor, close enough to say but so based Verret are three short Billing that they couldn't say we're name in for us anyway I mean they were going from the babble ships, and the dried, rover there so I went double not toll Tony us that you know Tony you better get up get tired, get up here said, okay go to lead to a los the Frenchman on a said you're going to get tougher because of stuff going on up their lotta noise and from smoke and everything so he said get out of there too so lamp slate gets off a nice what's going on I said I don't know, so anyway, I find what now shook the ball kind of threw a Tony you've got to get up not shook is bone, and he jumped up low they're not runner up the ladder so he could gets me any chase the upper Ernie when he got up to topple Larry says, holy, and here comes Leddy Ohl it's up very goal drop interests given eased everything in well, they went, somebody excelled a general quarter together in the Lauren that they sound I was back on a quarterback someplace so he set me back there telly off the deck so I go back there any offered like other forty-five and it showed, forty-five with each play him, and of, they finally got Oleg of the M.U. this a lot of the when we got to three INTs guns and forward and I think two after Kimmer Mcdonough five mention offer him a rather at just three , never fired him, Lott was on her we never fired him I never had a reason to know that in for Tony practice I mean you think that after that every play sure what you've target practice if it just shoot the guns that nothing, but all the time that we got him addition out got the guns go unnoticed goal a few planes and we shot a little bit fire some fifty caliber were up on the King post of fifty Keller watching guns and they made one straight funeral and I got us and in all it was Love, there were some hit the submarine alongside that coupling hit that of the captain's gig in the deck of the boat other that we had no damage it all