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Listen: "He's a winner, he's taken his team to six Super Bowls"

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Jared Wickerham
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To the should make them when not not so I don't right now if you're picking one because I'm asking you should be the highest paid figure in sports one guy who should be we should be that high pay figure in sport yet October eighth Ok how come because he's been proven he's proven over and over again that he's a winner he's taken this team has six Super Bowls he's one four what is it up attorney twelve it was since taking on AFC Championship tension and ten and he it is a good guy one of failing off the field this is so people with anything about Tom Brady getting its any trouble in on what an honor rate was playing and I love Flacco but you know I respect football player than Brady to beat the players in sports alright so highest-paid player in sports are going to vote for Tom Brady for the Ravens than that's impressive can now I like it they so much for Collins i'm a I'm speaking from my skating that Mohawk I got to know I got so that's good at the skill that you need as a radio host in you do well the radio collar doing this in the first own called off the I appreciate hearing from you and Baltimore so we got to vote for Tom Brady I think I saw tweet Lemieux low Carroll quick this was a tweet from Jeff I believe who said his route invited that you're talking about putting Bill ballot check and Tom Brady on a now it was from Giants Tuesday Tom Brady and Bill knowledge and best duo since Brooks in done about deserves fifteen million at the year fifty million a year for their dynasty and professionalism So we got a couple of votes for Brady a good coach I mean we don't know exactly what these coaches make they make millions as well but in Brady case it's so intriguing to me it's one of the reasons why the Patriots continued to be winners because Brady is not concerned about his current salary now he usually back loads they YOU RE negotiate the restructure he back loads more and that's silly he'll get a major payday obviously he doesn't need the money about for nine million dollars in two thousand and fifteen he was in the bottom third of quarterbacks in the NFL's which I find that it but he cares he cares about winning he cares about a leading his team flexibility and of the cap and that's one reason why the Patriots are able to stay on top it you look at they were a big Aaron Rodgers is the highest paid quarterback it was the biggest change I know there we got Rodgers Roth was burger the right there were talking about twenty two million dollars Andrew Luck is about to get paid an exorbitant amount of money in fact i his ownership is already said a staggering shocking amount of money and so I wouldn't be surprised if Luck ends up being the highest paid player in the league you know this time next year but either way those teams are he had a strong the Colts the Packers to some of these other teams that pay their quarterbacks upwards of twenty plus million there's a problem because you only get a finite out of space under the salary cap less you have a player who's unselfish like Tom Brady or even Peyton Manning did make a ridiculous amount of money as as a player this year I mean you've that money eats up the Caps are a guy like Tom Brady is so once selfish he wants to win there's no question about it is a guy like that deserves the money a guy like guy who was unselfish is all about winning deserves the modern that's why I think the star players get a FREE you for one guy and you keep saying play here is the Matthew for one guy who should be the highest-paid player in sports in sports football we're talking about any sport overall well the United States not talk com.