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Listen: "If you can win nine of them, or ten of them, I think it's a win"

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Joe Robbins
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Coming up you are at the Clippers at The Warriors though those games Oklahoma City tomorrow night Paul George tonight those games are gonna miss Crowder the question is can to pick off a few with these games and when the plane of The of sixteen games left if you can win nine of them or ten of them I think it's a win yesterday the crowd Celtics are going to be the three seed by the end of the year given this development but yeah I think this I think they still our I'm not really line in on Miami nicer leg either been there was a playoff team but I don't know if they have however great cleared yet the final month owner and another right there I think they do we talk that we highlighted some of the really good teams that they play but there are a bunch of very winnable games where the Sixers Laker seems like that's what I think they do you know barely but it to hang on so I I I'm nervous about it and I think the Ausar again there's a big difference to him being the three if Cleveland's one maybe Toronto catches Cleveland then and solves this for you but I think Cleveland ultimately be the one if they are there's a big difference between being the three or the four in the five and this injury can have a big big impact run to the six them it's it's likely Roessler one might really work your way back and if you're the four of the five The going into the last week you want to get yourself down the sex so we'll allege a phone call Celtic Sam Bruins six one seven seven seven nine zero ninety-eight five or your text six nine ninety-eight five we've also been working our way through the NC Double a tournament bracket I know the college jueves doesn't exactly resonate that everybody fills out a brackets all that's team best player upset special in each region give myself a done east and Midwest thus far we're going to get to the south about five minutes from now first Wallach it's up to speed about Headlines.