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Listen: "Bernie Sanders is a wackadoo"

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John Sommers II
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That's what we want to bumming Bernie Sanders said it at about a month ago Ok will Bernie Sanders he is a lock to do and I said I take it I don't even know to say the party Sanders the Liberal for me that I don't I tell you know I tweeted about this I never he's or whatever but it's like is solid realistic to have a presidential candidate they cares about the books and wants to keep things under wraps that is not a crazy liberal but still give a woman a right to choose is that many things of all yet the Tribe's going to spend his time defending the end one was building this wall Trump has no stance on this and that's why it's interesting of the Republican candidates he's the one who won a Republican debates stakes at play Para does a lot of good things and then yesterday's talking back so that this is the part with Donald Trump prediction for EN the show it's much thirty first Ted Cruz is going to be the Republican nominee to say that right now if it's brokered a mistake a six okay that anybody got predictions to all Tony fiable I don't do predictions an awards I Tony Sipp goalie so so while you just don't prognosticator predict but if it goes the path it's going or not Cruz opens up opportunities right now but still jump ball I think a broker convention is too much of a jump ball for the people who Ted Cruz to rally behind you know he's and is limited actually go up if people find out he actually seduced five when all was probably I think that's one thing I agree with them on now the other things I don't but now I can mean this wild what you political years are happening right and Morning Meeting coming up next with Jaclyn Cashman Tony signaling Kevin Frank Matt since Joe thanks so much supporting the show together Ken presence will see you tomorrow that are right on Johnson to have a great Thursday everyone.